Maine Lottery and Other Gambling Options


Whether you want to win a big jackpot, or you just want to have a good time, you can play the lottery. However, you should be aware that the lottery is not the only gambling option in the state of Maine. There are also casinos, racetracks, and off-track betting.

In addition to lottery games, Maine also has licensed casinos, horse races, daily fantasy sports, poker runs, and bingo. However, the state does not allow online gambling. Unless the state decides to regulate it in the future, the only real option for online gambling in the state is Global Poker, which offers sweepstakes-based online poker games. Global Poker also offers ample cash games and tournaments.

There are also two brick-and-mortar casino properties in Maine. The Hollywood Casino in Bangor opened in 2005, and the Oxford Casino opened seven years later. Both of these casinos are authorized by the lottery, and both require that you be at least 18 years old to enter. You can also visit any of the state’s two off-track betting facilities, which offer horse races and off-track betting.

The state’s casino-style gambling is the second largest source of revenue for the state. The lottery commission has approved games with jackpots as high as $10,000. There are also several progressive slot machines with jackpots that exceed a million dollars. Despite the jackpots, the odds of winning the big lottery are extremely low.

The state’s lottery does a poor job enforcing its rules. The lottery commission has also failed to enact the National Gambling Impact Study Commission’s advice to increase the number of machines per outlet. In fact, the commission has essentially ignored the study. In addition to this, the commission has largely evaded the audit of its video slot machines.

The state also operates a problem gambling helpline. If you think you or someone you know may have a problem with gambling, the state has a list of warning signs and a self-exclusion list. The helpline also provides a link to a dedicated email address and Twitter account.

The Oregon Lottery’s 1992 video poker lottery terminal (VLT) network was the first centrally controlled gaming system in the United States. Its growth attracted the attention of the federal government, and in 1998, the lottery licensed 9,000 video gambling machines. In addition, the lottery’s VLT network added Class III Vegas-style line games for slots. In 2005, the state expanded its VLT network to more retailers and increased the maximum bill for video slot machines from $2.50 to $100. However, the number of VLT machines licensed to retailers has dropped in recent years.

The state also licenses bingo, craps, and slots. Bingo is a classic American game. Bingo is not available in all states, but the state does have a handful of bingo halls. Some states allow bingo to be conducted by individuals or nonprofits, while others permit it at tribal casinos. Some state lotteries also offer special games such as sports betting pools.