Dealing with Sagging Gutters

Fixing Sagging Gutters doing it yourself

A poorly built gutter system is at fault. If you try to install the gutters yourself and you don’t have a lot of experience or you hire a company that uses a lot of unskilled workers, you make be at risk for poor craftsmanship.

One common mistake made by the uninitiated is installing improperly pitched gutters. The best way to check this is to check the slope with a level. Gutters should be pitched down toward the down-pipes with at least a quarter inch of slope for every 10 feet otherwise you will end up with standing water and bulging gutters about mid way between the gutter clips/brackets.

Another installation mistake is when the down-pipes are put too close the foundation of the house. When this happens the water will end up in your basement if present. If you don’t want to rip out the down-pipes and redo everything, you can attached gutter extensions to the bottom of the downspout to redirect the water from the foundation of your home.

If the joints are the problem, adjust or add gutter hangers as needed. Also brush any leaking seams clean and they are dry, apply a silicone-based caulk to the inside and outside of the seams to seal the leaks.

For more complicates issues, you should replace full segments of the gutter system. If you are going to do all the work yourself, keep some ladder safety practices in mind:

  • Make sure someone not only knows that you are climbing up that ladder, but that someone is on the ground spotting you just in case you have any problems.
  • Always use a sturdy ladder that has a small shelf that can hold a large enough bucket to collect the leaf debris. Secure the bucket to the ladder with a lanyard. Never use an orchard ladder because they only have 3 legs and is not sturdy enough for this type of work.
  • Aluminum and fiberglass ladders are safer choices than wooden ones.
  • Always inspect the ladder for defects or loose parts before using it. Check to make sure that all screws and bolts are fastened tightly.

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